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Think about your mothering as a creation.

You are creating a childhood. Every person has one. Good, bad, or indifferent.

Your child will have one, whether you think about it or not.

The childhood you create will be theirs forever.

Only you, the mother, can create it. Anyone else is a substitute for you.

They may be good, but they are still a substitute for you, the mother.

It doesn't have to be perfect - just happy.

You can make a beautiful childhood.

Cyndy loves the beach. She takes her babies to the beach and lets them eat sand. Her toddlers explore rock pools and her teenagers surf.

Christina loves music. Her home is filled with the beautiful sound of great composers as she plays the piano and teaches her children.

Katie loves books. Her children have a well-used, much loved library. Her book club meetings of mothers and children discuss noble and great thoughts.

Becky loves creating. She sews. She says, "Creativity is not a pretty sight" meaning the mess involved. But her home is filled with beautiful things she has created and her children's art works, half finished projects and experiments.

I love nature. My children have pets galore, pick fruit off our trees and flowers from the garden. We also have many unsuccessful vegetable growing attempts to our credit. The bush creatures and birds get it first.

What do you love? Do it with your children.

Show them the beautiful, interesting, wonderful world and enjoy their responses. Let them be startled by a loud bird, knocked over by a wave, lick a lemon, and make mud puddles.

They will bring home buckets full of sand in their swimmers, climb on your lap while you try to play Chopin, draw on your books, stick pins in your leg as you sew, and pull up flowers by the roots. That doesn't matter.

It's really the childhood you are creating.